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maxpatches's Journal

The Max/MSP/Jitter Community
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A forum to discuss and post patches or objects created in Max/MSP/Jitter.

Summary: (June 2003)

I've spent a lot of time in the recent months programming, debugging, and creating new objects and projects in [Max], an object-oriented music programming environment. (As of yet, i don't know anything about MSP or Jitter.) The original idea of this journal was to create a separate place for me to document some of the trials, errors, and breakthroughs that i've made as i continue to learn about the program.

It's likely that that's what this will end up being - more of a personal log rather than a community log - because I don't imagine that many people on LJ know what Max is, much less program in it. But on the off-chance that someone on LJ is either interested or has something to contribute, I welcome the open forum or discussion of the program in a more controlled and less hectic environment than, say, [the official max-msp-jitter forum] or [some of the IRCAM forums].


1. General respect etiquette rules apply. This is a community to share or constructively criticize ideas, not bash them. I reserve the right to remove any posts that I deem inappropriate.

2. Programming in Max/MSP/Jitter takes a lot of energy and work. I offer my patches as public-domain JPGs, but they still fall under copyright protection. Anyone is free to use them or be inspired by them, but give credit where credit is due - don't claim that it's yours if it isn't.

3. Large patches or jpgs should be placed behind an lj-cut tag.


- [Cycling '74] - Distributor of the product.
- Max/MSP is currently a [Macintosh only] program. One of the original developers of Max named Miller Puckette has created an open-source version for Windows and Linux called [pd].

This community is maintained by lifeofmendel.