life of mendel (lifeofmendel) wrote in maxpatches,
life of mendel

boy, am i a MSP novice.

so i do fine when it comes to Max, but i stopped using it around MSP's introduction. I bought a copy, but my school had Kyma, and that ended up being my tool of choice. i'm not in school anymore, so now i'm going back to MSP, and i'm running into some issues.

what i'm trying to build goes like this:

a soundfile gets played, something with a pretty constant beat, but a fluxuating BPM (by fluxuating i mean milliseconds - the tempo doesn't change, but the performance isn't "metronome accurate", as most performances are not). i want to capture a "strong beat" from the sound file with bangs and then measure the ms space between the bangs.

how do i get MSP to reliably measure my dB and then find 'spikes' in the dB to translate to a bang? How can i get MSP to measure only the spikes that i want and ignore other things such as syncopation that also hit that dB range?
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