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life of mendel

pipedream announcement from the moderator.

hello all.

more and more i'm discovering that the LJ community interface and aesthetic is horrible for what i want this community to be able to accomplish. Threads get easily lost in friends pages, people don't see the comments that everyone has made to each other unless they make an active effort to do so. I don't know about any of you, but i actively read about 110 friends entries on my friends page every day... i don't have time to dig around for archival stuff.

I'm contemplating the idea of scrapping the community in this context and instead favoring moving it to an actual public BBS format using php or IFB. In addition to LJ, i read about five or six of those sorts of forums on a daily basis, and it's a much better medium for discussion and interaction whereas livejournal communities seem to be better for "announcement".

the three obstacles i see to this are:

a) i don't know silentjack about php. I know that phpforums are public domain downloadable things that are easy to set up, but i'm too picky. If i set something like that up, i'd want to tweak it, and that means learning php, and that means more time and energy to something that i shouldn't be devoting time and energy to. If i could get some trusted people to help me moderate and devote energy to it, i'd be into it.

b) setting it up on my web domain. I don't handle logisitics of my web domain... i have a generous brother who has given me my web space and handles the finances, the space allotment, monitors quota, etc. etc. etc. Setting up the php is something i don't know if i have the power to do.

c) general interest. I wouldn't want to go through all of this effort to have the community not prosper. I want it to be useful and i want people to participate. But at the same time, if it were to get too big, it wouldn't fit within the hosting plan that my brother has set up. I already get a decent amount of traffic for my DDR simfiles database (which (as a tangent) i take as seriously as i take music composition), and i don't want to push the limits of bandwidth that i'm allowed.

comments, questions, feedback, criticisms, and standing on your head are encouraged.

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