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NCCA Audio-Visual reports [19 May 2008|01:20pm]


22 мая, четверг, 20.00

bad loop, Esem, Planet Boelex

Лейбл www.kahvi.org открыл миру таких мастеров idm как Lackluster, planet boelex, esem, stud и др.

 bad loop (Финляндия)

Финский электронный проект российского происхождения, сочиняющий качественный downtempo и idm. Несмотря на сравнительно недолгую историю коллектива, проект успел засветиться на нескольких международных фестивалях, а также гастролировал в Европе, в частности в Англии. Первое выступление в Москве.

Esem (Болгария)

Альбом проекта Esem – Scateren изданный бесплатно в формате ogg на лейбле Kahvi.org стал одним из самых скачиваемых в истории нетлейблов. Первое выступление Георгия Маринова в России несомненно станет событием в музыкальной жизни столицы.

Planet Boelex (Финляндия)

Проект финского музыканта Оскари Сорри, полюбившегося московской публике на NCCA Fest 2007, вновь с концертом в ГЦСИ. На этот раз новая программа, уже отыгранная на фестивалях K?lmk?la Paide (Эстония), Virus Art Festival (Литва) и Klusa Daba Festival (Латвия).

 Вход 300 руб.

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NCCA Audio-Visual reports [16 Apr 2008|06:24pm]

24 апреля, четверг, 20.00

Framewatcher, Funckarma

IDM / techno / ambient

Framewatcher (Москва)

Определяя свое творчество, Дмитрий Макаров употребляет термин ambient slicing, разрезание эмбиента. На сегодняшний день FraweWatcher является одним из самых ярких и перспективных музыкантов российской электронно-экспериментальной сцены. Его дискография насчитывает уже более 20 единиц изданных носителей.

Funckarma (Нидерланды)

Дуэт братьев Funcken, много лет известных под разными псевдонимами: Funckarma, Quench, Legiac и выпустивших не один десяток релизов на таких лейблах как U -Cover, M-Tronic, Merck, Skam и др. с единственным концертом в столице.

Гцси продолжает сотрудничество с артистами лейбла Sending Orbs. После выступления в прошлом году Kettel и Secede на этот раз публику ожидает выступление самой именитой группы этого лейбла дуэта Funckarma.

Вход 300 руб.
м. Баррикадная, Краснопресненская
ул. Зоологическая д.13

как проехать

Концерт на Last.Fm

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NCCA Audio-Visual Reports [06 Feb 2008|09:44pm]

 Государственный центр современного искусства приглашает на следующий мастер-класс:

Программа «Конец времени композиторов… или  реальное будущее»

7 февраля, четверг, 20.00

 «NCCA Audio-Visual Reports»

Мастер-класс по технике виджеинга от наиболее востребованного  как на родине, так и за рубежом, московского видеохудожника, участника многих международных фестивалей Никиты Цымбала. Приемы и технологии (software и hardware). 
Руководитель программы – Д. Ухов

Куратор - Г. Стефанов
Вход 100 руб

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Live video Generator [04 Feb 2008|06:13pm]
Hi Everybody

I' m new here, and a noob with Max/Msp/Jitter, but slowly I' m trying to learn it by myself or following a course, let' s see.!

So, I' m wondering for the moment, if exist a simple patch/program to download and use, that create vectors, wireframe, fractals video (like Nodebox stuff) from an audio out "following" beats

I' d love to use it while I' m Djing. I use Traktor, I suppose that I need a patch that get audio from Traktor out or Mic In and go into Max. I' ll put the video out on an external video and it' s done. I don' t need/want to control it

A kind of "Itunes/Media Player visual" but more intresting



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[03 Feb 2008|07:00pm]

hello everyone

i'm looking for a patch or a similar one to those which jonny greenwood (radiohead) created couple of years ago and which he uses during his solo in "go to sleep" (at the end).

maybe any of you guys could help me..

if there are any similar patches written by someone of you, i'll be very gratefull if you'd share them with me.

thank you once again.
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[13 Jan 2008|12:31am]

Hi there!

Do you know,where to find Max\Msp\Jitter for MAC OSX
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boy, am i a MSP novice. [14 Oct 2007|11:59pm]

so i do fine when it comes to Max, but i stopped using it around MSP's introduction. I bought a copy, but my school had Kyma, and that ended up being my tool of choice. i'm not in school anymore, so now i'm going back to MSP, and i'm running into some issues.

what i'm trying to build goes like this:

a soundfile gets played, something with a pretty constant beat, but a fluxuating BPM (by fluxuating i mean milliseconds - the tempo doesn't change, but the performance isn't "metronome accurate", as most performances are not). i want to capture a "strong beat" from the sound file with bangs and then measure the ms space between the bangs.

how do i get MSP to reliably measure my dB and then find 'spikes' in the dB to translate to a bang? How can i get MSP to measure only the spikes that i want and ignore other things such as syncopation that also hit that dB range?
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[07 Jul 2007|09:54pm]


A bit offtopic (on 50%, exactly) - i'm working now on connecting MaxMSP with VVVV via OSC, does anyone have and experience in that and are there any patches around available?


xpost in idm_making community
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new too [05 Dec 2006|11:56am]

Just wondering if anyone has worked with pd/GEM at all?  Also is there another lj for max?  Just noticed the last post was last year.
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New Around Here [04 Oct 2005|04:36pm]

Hey all.  I'm very new to this community, and to Max/MSP itself, for that matter.

First of all, this community looks really cool, and I'm very glad it exists.

Second, I'd like to just ask a quick technical question about Max, that is probably pretty basic...

If I have MIDI being generated algorithmically within Max and I do something like open a sub-patcher, I sometimes (depending on how complex what's going on is) lose sync between different parts of the piece.  The same thing happens when I use MIDI Yoke (a free program that someone at Cycling 74 recommended) to allow me to pipe MIDI output from Max into other applications (for example, I'll have Max's midi out connected (via MIDI Yoke) to a MIDI input in Cubase.  Then I'll start my Max patch, notes will begin being generated, but then when I maximize Cubase it will lose sync.)  There are a few other things that cause the sync to be lost as well, but those are the only ones I can think of right now.  Any ideas why this would be?

Third, I'd like to just share a bit about myself and what I do with Max...

I use Max mainly as a composition tool, to generate MIDI data using algorithms, which I then bring into Cubase or something and assign each track to different VST instruments.  I'm still at a pretty basic level, though (I just started learning Max a couple of weeks ago, from the PDF documentation).  I'm also interested in learning to use Max as a live performance tool, and for making softsynths.  My first Max track (which is still a work in progress) can be downloading by right-clicking HERE and choosing Save Target As (assuming my link actually works, which it should...).  Here's how this piece works: a 3 voice harmony is generated randomly in the key of whatever I transpose to, with 2 octaves range in each voice, and each range offset by 1 octave from the next (so the tenor and soprano ranges effectively overlap the alto range).  Rhythmic value for each note is also chosen randomly (the options are 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 notes), and velocity is randomized for each note.  To make things more interesting, certain notes, when played at a high enough velocity, trigger pre-sequenced MIDI files of large, high-velocity chords to play, for added energy/dynamics.  Then the output of this random note generator is fed into 2 sequencers which record specific bars and loop them, in a sort of rondo style, with one of the 2 sequencers always playing the same thing, and the other one changing every time.  At the moment that's all the piece does.  I'm hoping to make the structure more complex once I've learned Max a bit more.  Oh and, for the sounds used, all I did was save a MIDI file of what Max generated, then bring it into Cubase and assign a kalimba (African finger-piano) patch and a synth I created in Native Instruments' Absynth to it.  I figured that sounded a bit better than general MIDI piano... ;)  Anyway, if anyone downloads the track, please tell me what you think, give suggestions/criticism, etc.

Again, awesome community. :)
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[19 Aug 2005|06:07pm]

Hi all!
I have been looking at max for a while and trying to figure out how to use it in live performance of music. So far I haven't even managed to get a single sound out of it. Does anyone know what I should do to make it so that I can manipulate audio (wav files)?
If anyone has anything they have programmed with max that would do the trick and are willing to share i would be very very grateful.
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video fade [14 Jul 2005|06:37pm]


I am in the middle of building a digital interactive dandelion flower using max! all the horrible maths is done and i am now working on the effects...?

I was wondering if there was a way to fade in a quick time movie..i understand i need two video imputs but is this correct or is there another way to fade in a video with just one imput?

Also any ideas how to get max to randomly pick a quicktime effect?

Please help all you max gurus i am having a brain freeze!

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[05 Jun 2005|08:03pm]

Does anyone know of a patch or object that can analyze the tempo of four-on-the-floor dance type music? Or even something that would send a bang on each kick drum would be good.
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blurring effect [31 May 2005|09:32pm]

I was wondering if someone coould suggest the best jitter object for creating a blurring effect for video files?


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Lack-of-Change Bang? [24 May 2005|05:08pm]

Something of a bizarre problem I'm having here, in that I'd expected it to be something cleared up in five seconds, but....

I'm trying to set up a little micro-chain of objects that look at a string of numbers coming in from an external object, and send out a bang when there HASN'T been any change in those numbers in x number of milliseconds.

Anyone have any [embarrassingly obvious!] solutions?

Many-thanks, -T
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[17 Apr 2005|11:26am]

How I can restore from the compiled
code(*.exe) for MaxMSP(runtime) an source code (*.mxb)?
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: :: ::: www.20020.org ________ [o_Ó]<<< [11 Apr 2005|02:57am]

hello, i would like to share my recently created (and in continuous construction) website with all of you.


there are some audio + video works available for download and the
"From 20 to 20000 hz series", an ongoing project of audiosets mixing/manipulating
all kind of audio stuff.

also it may be of your interest this other site: http://www.audioespacio.com/
it´s a weblog about sound, video and electronic arts where i write with two friends.

grEEtings and sorry for the non-strictly-related-max-subject of this post.

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can any one help? [19 Feb 2005|10:44pm]

Hi. I am currently planning a project for my masters. I was thinking about doing something with dandelions! I want to create an installation in which the viewer can cause the dandelion to disperse through movement within the space. Conceptually the project is about time fragmentation and entropy, the dandelion is just a way of illustrating these principles. I am not sure if this is possible with video? I dont know if jitter will allow me to break apart the elements of a movie clip in order to interact with the separate components? Or if i was to create my own computer generated dandelion? would i be able to incorporate this into max? Any ideas, feedback and help will be so great! Thanks
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and oh yeah! [17 Feb 2005|11:38am]


for any that are interested, i randomly put up some of my old max patches as jpgs on my Livejournal scrapbook.

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pipedream announcement from the moderator. [17 Feb 2005|11:36am]


hello all.

more and more i'm discovering that the LJ community interface and aesthetic is horrible for what i want this community to be able to accomplish. Threads get easily lost in friends pages, people don't see the comments that everyone has made to each other unless they make an active effort to do so. I don't know about any of you, but i actively read about 110 friends entries on my friends page every day... i don't have time to dig around for archival stuff.

I'm contemplating the idea of scrapping the community in this context and instead favoring moving it to an actual public BBS format using php or IFB. In addition to LJ, i read about five or six of those sorts of forums on a daily basis, and it's a much better medium for discussion and interaction whereas livejournal communities seem to be better for "announcement".

the three obstacles i see to this are:

a) i don't know silentjack about php. I know that phpforums are public domain downloadable things that are easy to set up, but i'm too picky. If i set something like that up, i'd want to tweak it, and that means learning php, and that means more time and energy to something that i shouldn't be devoting time and energy to. If i could get some trusted people to help me moderate and devote energy to it, i'd be into it.

b) setting it up on my web domain. I don't handle logisitics of my web domain... i have a generous brother who has given me my web space and handles the finances, the space allotment, monitors quota, etc. etc. etc. Setting up the php is something i don't know if i have the power to do.

c) general interest. I wouldn't want to go through all of this effort to have the community not prosper. I want it to be useful and i want people to participate. But at the same time, if it were to get too big, it wouldn't fit within the hosting plan that my brother has set up. I already get a decent amount of traffic for my DDR simfiles database (which (as a tangent) i take as seriously as i take music composition), and i don't want to push the limits of bandwidth that i'm allowed.

comments, questions, feedback, criticisms, and standing on your head are encouraged.

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